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By Geralyn Sheridan

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Whether you want a traditional proposal with a beautiful diamond engagement ring, prefer a more progressive approach shopping together or decide to jump out of the box completely making your own rings, education is the most important beginning to your wedding ring experience. An engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Not only does it represent life’s most meaningful commitment, but today’s average price of anengagement ring is $5,200.


Online learning about the “the 4 C’s” quality factors and prices of diamonds is the best place to start. You can develop your knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere where you don’t feel obligated to buy. One of the best sources of information is the education section at . You can compare prices of equal quality diamonds and obtain all the information of pricing before you go to your local jewelry store. All in all, shopping for an engagement ring online is the perfect way to use the technology available to your best advantage. But, there is no substitute for comparing diamonds in person where you can actually see the differences in quality.

GIA Graduate Gemologists (G.G.) are certified to perform diamond grading. When you shop local for a diamond at a store with a G.G. you can be assured of quality by viewing the diamonds in a high powered gemological microscope. The brilliance of the light return on exceptionally cut diamond compared to a poorly cut diamond will be simply obvious. As will the differences in comparing a VS1 to I2 clarity. We recommend you support your local grass roots economy and shop with a trusted local jeweler with an onsite gemologist. Get to know the diamonds. See the “fingerprint” and eliminate the risk of an online purchasing mistake. Create your own personal story about choosing a perfect brilliant diamond for the love of your life – an experience you can’t have online.

Going for the surprise proposal? Focus on picking the ring that you know is best for her. Listen for hints and you can figure out some of her style preferences. Look at her clothing and home decorating choices as well as the jewelry she wears. Does she choose streamlined and fresh, alternative, fashion forward, classic or romantic? Pay attention to what she says about someone else’s engagement ring, what she shows you in a magazine or rings that she points out in a jewelry store.

A classic round brilliant solitaire in a plain setting is a good choice if you are unsure of style. Then, you can shop together to find the perfect setting to place her diamond in or choose a perfect wedding band to suit her style.

Here are a few tricks for getting her ring size. The simplest solution is to borrow one of her rings and take it with you to your local jeweler. You also can trace the interior of one of her rings onto a piece of paper. Another method is to put one of her rings on your finger and note how it fits. If all else fails, go with the industry standard—a size 7—and make sure the ring can be sized.
Non-traditional? Shop together, share the experience and let your values guide you to find the perfect ring. Ask questions. Learn about certified Green Gold, Ethical Metalsmithing, Certified Conflict Free Diamonds. Look for stores who source “American Made” and handcrafted jewelry. These choices are readily available for couples who care about making socially responsible choices and want to express their values with environmentally friendly products.

Even more untraditional? Custom design your own rings with your fingerprints. Jewelry designers are working to add an even more personalized approach to your wedding rings. The 2012 Niche Awards – wedding category panel of judges recently recognized our handcrafted “Love Story“ wedding rings, designed to be made with your fingerprints.  Want to jump out of the box completely? Make your own rings. Today, the customization of your wedding rings can extend beyond the product and can become a whole experience. You can work individually with an experienced goldsmith to ensure.

that your finished wedding rings are of professional quality and craftsmanship. Create simple bands or work with gold to create wedding rings as personal as your relationship. At the end of a session, you will leave with both handmade wedding rings and a new appreciation for fine jewelry.

I met with David Lamb, Managing Director of Jewelry at the World Gold Council during the Las Vegas JCK Jewelry show in June. They had just launched their campaign about personalized gold rings. He says, “For centuries, gold rings have been synonymous with marriage. . . The wedding day may be special with all its intricately planned details, but it is still just one day. Long after the cake has been eaten, the ‘I do’s’ are said and done and the details begin to fade from your memory, it is the gold marriage rings that will remain with you as the ultimate symbol of love.”
Your wedding ring experience should be as unique as you are, whether you choose a traditional route or decide to jump out of the box. Explore your options, educate yourself and embrace your journey.


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